Liquid Energy Cell 2pc- to suit GT150

Item Number: GT082
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Reliable power source: Cabac Butane Energy Cell Refillable Type ensures uninterrupted power for GT150 Butane Powered Soldering Iron.
  • Convenient refillable design: Easily refill the Energy Cell with standard cigarette lighter butane.
  • Portable and transportable: Empty Energy Cell allows for safe and convenient tool transportation.
  • Easy refilling process: Simply remove, insert butane canister, and fill to 80% capacity.
  • Safety precautions: Follow guidelines to keep Energy Cell away from children, avoid breakage and exposure to flames.
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Product Information

Product Description

The Cabac Butane Energy Cell Refillable Type - Liquid Energy Cell 2PC is designed specifically to complement the Butane Powered Soldering Iron (Part No. GT150). This energy cell serves as a reliable and convenient power source for your soldering iron, ensuring optimal performance in your soldering tasks.

Compatible with the GT150 Butane Powered Soldering Iron, the GT082 Liquid Energy Cell 2PC offers a versatile solution to power your soldering tool. Whether you choose the tool-only version (GT150) or the kit version (GT150K) that includes additional accessories, the GT082 Energy Cell is a must-have companion for uninterrupted soldering sessions.


Please note the following precautions when handling the Cabac Butane Energy Cell Refillable Type:

  • Contents under pressure and are flammable. Handle with care.
  • Keep out of reach of children to prevent accidents or misuse.
  • Do not break or incinerate the energy cell when empty, as it may pose a safety hazard.
  • Avoid using the energy cell near open fire or flames to prevent potential accidents.

To Refill the Energy Cell:

Refilling the Cabac Butane Energy Cell Refillable Type is a straightforward process. Please follow these instructions:

  • Remove the Energy Cell from the soldering iron unit.
  • Insert the butane canister nozzle vertically into the refill valve located at the bottom of the Energy Cell.
  • Press down firmly with the butane canister to dispense the gas into the valve unit.
  • Continue filling until the Energy Cell is approximately 80% full, as indicated by the arrows on the Energy Cell.


The Cabac Butane Energy Cell Refillable Type offers the following features:

  • Convenient and Safe: This energy cell provides a removable butane power source for your soldering tools, ensuring portability and ease of use.
  • Empty Energy Cell for Transport: When empty, the Energy Cell allows for the safe and hassle-free transport of your soldering tools.
  • Refillable: The Energy Cell can be easily refilled using readily available standard cigarette lighter butane, ensuring cost-effectiveness and convenience.
  • Butane Not Included: Please note that butane fuel is not included with the Energy Cell and should be purchased separately.

Trust the Cabac Butane Energy Cell Refillable Type - Liquid Energy Cell 2PC to power your GT150 Butane Powered Soldering Iron reliably and efficiently, ensuring precision and convenience in your soldering tasks.

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