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Cegasa, founded in 1934, design and manufactures high energy Industrial batteries, Lithium-Ion Batteries, and storage solutions for various industries. Cegasa is a European pioneer in the application of lithium-ion to special mobility and stationary solutions. 

Over 20 years' experience

Products are fully researched and developed with their inhouse design engineering teams. Cegasa has more than 20 years' experience in the areas of cell formation and construction, design of battery packs, control electronics and BMS and power electronics. Cegasa products are subjected to extreme environmental conditions to ensure their litihium ion products achieve a long fife time and maximise return on investment for their customers. 

Advanced Lithium-Ion technology in the 120V power class.

M+H Power exclusively offers the 120V Cegasa solution for large commercial application in capacities greater than 60kWh. Suitable to a diverse range of projects in the Off-Grid sector the Cegasa 120V battery system is modular, flexible, easy to install and can be added to as needs evolve. The flexibility of this products and our exclusivity in the 120V market has opened up new markets not previously serviced by M+H Power.

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