Solar Design Engineering Services

Solar Design Engineering Services

Solar Engineer Designs That Meet Client Project Brief Requirements  

Quality solutions that work.

Challenge:   Our clients are time poor and not always aware of the best design option suited to their bespoke project requirements.

Solution:      M+H Power Solar Design Engineering Services

Engineering Services

M+H Power is proud to provide a high-quality engineering service to its clients. This commitment to quality and design excellence is reflected in the suppliers we choose to work with, the methodologies and work practices integrated into our programs and the staff we employ.

Quality and excellence are core to our DNA.


What Services Do We Provide?

·       Load assessment analysis

·       Off-grid system design

·       Preparation of system schematics

·       Preparation of General Assembly drawings

·       Balance of system component specification


Additional Services

Our services are presented back to the client as a JPEG. We additionally can provide the service of providing a client their project in a DWG file, however, as this is an outsourced service it must be paid for separately.

We also provide specialty bespoke system designs. Our client may present us with a problem they face (example: CCTV cameras on a remote railway bridge) and we will design a system solution to operate for the environment. 

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