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Bespoke Battery Cabinets

The MH Power team are proud to offer a range of pre-wired battery cabinets that are assembled locally in Melbourne by our expert team of engineers and are designed to provide our customers maximum flexibility to suit your project installation requirements.

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Business Solutions

Our specialised commercial product range is suitable for off-grid and hybrid markets. This range has been selected from only leading quality brands with strong reputation in reliable and high performance. Brands which will perform in the diversity of Australia’s weather conditions.

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Living Solutions

The M+H Power team are proud to offer a specialised range of carefully chosen solar products for the Australian residential off-grid and hybrid markets. Our range has been composed from global and local leading quality brands with strong reputation in reliability and that perform well in hot Australian weather.

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Solar Design Engineering Services

Our Experienced engineers can prepare solar system designs to suit customers bespoke design requirements. Services include preparing system diagrams and Bill of Materials (BOM) for your project.

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