Schneider XW Pro 8.5kW Hybrid Inverter 230V

Item Number: SHN-865-8548-55
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Reliable operation of backup power and off-grid loads with a high overload power rating
  • Compatible with Insight for remote monitoring & control with advanced data security
  • Can be used for solar and storage, or backup power systems without solar
  • Globally proven and recognised field performance
  • Grid tied and off-grid systems
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Product Information

XW Pro Hybrid Inverter 230V

Protect your home’s power supply when the grid goes out. Save on energy costs with utility time of use and demand charge optimization.

The XW Pro solar hybrid inverter is the heart of your home power system, connecting solar and battery storage with the grid for backup power and energy security. It can be used for solar and storage, or backup power systems without solar. 

Adaptable and scalable, the Schneider Electric XW Pro hybrid inverter provides the one solution you need for solar with storage, backup power, self-consumption, and off-grid power for homes, small businesses, and remote communities.

Designed to the highest standards of reliability and quality, the XW Pro can meet your needs for any number of residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Built on the reliable XW platform, XW Pro is the evolution of a time-tested, high-quality hybrid storage inverter with a large global install base.

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